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UnliAnime is a free anime website that millions visit to watch anime online for free. You can download subbed or dubbed anime in ultra HD quality without any registration or payment. By not having any ads, we try to make it the safest free anime site.

UnliAnime is the website for anime with english subtitles. Watch your favorite anime in 1080p HD quality and we update anime episodes as soon as possible. The perfect place to relax and entertain anime kids and adults about friendship, humor, magic and travel. The user experience will be taken to a new level, which makes the videos much more realistic. Various anime series are waiting to be downloaded or watched live. UnliAnime interface is very easy to use, searching for your favorite anime is very easy and the anime archive is huge unlike any other free anime site.

Free to Watch Anime Online

Did you know that monthly search volume for anime related topics exceeds billions of times according to Google? Anime is famous all over the world and it is no wonder that the number of free anime streaming sites has increased a lot.

Japanese anime is always evolving. Hundreds of anime episodes are released every day. The UnliAnime subgroup and dubbing team are working hard to get audiences to see them as soon as possible. Other websites download many dubbing and subtitling issues and are uploaded to unknown sources. You need to be more careful with strange links. Choose the official UnliAnime to watch anime safely and quickly.

Not everyone knows that anime is not just an animated short film. Thanks to the widespread advertising of Japanese newspapers and television, more and more people from all over the world are becoming aware of this subject of Japanese art. In its native country of Japan, 33% of people watch anime (out of 125 million, that's over 40 million). Most of the major anime series are based on well-known comics (manga), games or Ranobe. UnliAnime hosts a large anime collection with themes suitable for all ages and genres. Whatever genre you choose, you'll find it here at UnliAnime.

Is UnliAnime safe?

We have not received any reports about the security of the site. However, for your maximum safety, you should take precautionary measures such as using a VPN to remain anonymous. Also use antivirus and AdBlock extension to prevent ads and pop-ups.

Is it illegal to use Unli Anime?

Streaming anime on UnliAnime is not considered illegal in the US. To be precise, watching only anime and copyrighted shows isn't technically illegal at this point. Therefore, it is recommended to watch free anime online to avoid possible problems.

Is UnliAnime no ads guaranteed?

Yes, as you can see, the UnliAnime official website currently has no ads.

Is there a UnliAnime app?

We don't have UnliAnime app for iOS or UnliAnime apk for Android. Beware of app claims to be official UnliAnime.

What makes unlianime.to the best site to watch anime free online?

Before creating UnliAnime, we reviewed and learned from many other free anime sites. We only keep the good stuff and remove all the bad stuff from all competitors to put on our UnliAnime site. Here's a list of why we are the best site for anime streaming:

Safety - UnliAnime is safe from malwares and viruses because we have NO ads.

Content Library - Our main focus is anime. Here you will find popular, classic and current titles from all genres such as Action, Drama, Kids, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Police, Romance, School, Comedy, Music, Games and many more. All these titles have English subtitles or are dubbed in many languages.

Quality/Resolution - All titles have excellent resolution, the best possible quality. UnliAnime also has a quality setting feature to ensure our users can enjoy the streaming no matter how fast their internet speed is. You can stream the anime in 360p if your internet is bad, or if it's good you can opt for a 720p or even 1080p anime.

Streaming Experience - Compared to other anime streaming sites, the loading speed on UnliAnime is faster. Downloading is as easy as streaming, you will have no problem saving the videos for offline viewing later.

Updates - We're updating new titles and fulfilling requests daily, so enjoy. You'll never run out of things to watch in UnliAnime.

User interface – Our UI and UX make it easy for everyone, no matter how old you are or how long you've been on the internet. You can literally figure out how to navigate our site with just a quick glance. If you want to see a specific title, use the search box to search for it. If you want to browse suggestions, you can use the categories on the site or just scroll down to see the new releases.

Device Compatibility - UnliAnime works flawlessly on both your mobile and desktop. However, we recommend that you use your desktop computer for a smoother streaming experience.

Customer Care - We are in active mode 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can always contact us for any help, questions or inquiries. We were known for our excellent customer service, quickly fixing broken links or uploading requested content.

So if you are looking for a reliable and safe site for your anime streaming, use UnliAnime and don't forget to bookmark our site!