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The series revolves around Gabo, a soccer-loving teenager who, upon receiving a scholarship from the prestigious Sports Academic Institute (IAD) of Buenos Aires, will see his dream of playing at Los Halcones Dorados, the renowned amateur team of the school, and also his longing to become a professional footballer.

  • Certification: L
  • Release: (2017)
  • Genre: Comedy, Family
  • Seasons: 0
  • Duration: per episode



Mariano González
Gabriel "Gabo" Moretti

Sebastián Athié
Lorenzo Guevara

Juan David Penagos
Ricardo "Ricky" Flores

Luan Brum
André "Dedé" Duarte

Paulina Vetrano
Zoe Velázquez

Javier Eloy Bonanno
Joaquín Costa

Renato Quattordio
Apolodoros "Catorce" Nikotatópulos

Fausto Bengoechea
Adrián Roca

Lucas Minuzzi
Pablo Espiga

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