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First contact has been made. It's war.

In the year 2524, four centuries after humans started colonizing the outer planets, retired General James Ford gets called back into service when a hostile alien fleet attacks soldiers on a remote planet. The threat against mankind soon escalates into an interstellar war as Ford and a team of elite soldiers try to stop the imminent attack before it's too late.

  • Certification: 16
  • Release: 03/12/2021 (US)
  • Genre: Science Fiction
  • Seasons:
  • Duration: 1h 28m



Bruce Willis
James Ford

Adelaide Kane
Fiona Ardene

Frank Grillo
Gen. Eron Ryle

Lochlyn Munro
Alex Loche

Costas Mandylor
Ltg. Tieve

Johnny Messner

Brandon Thomas Lee
Braxton Ryle

Eva De Dominici
Juda Sayle

Corey Large

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