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Worried about their father being laid off, two resourceful teenage girls hatch a plan to win the prize money of a junior golf tournament at a prestigious Hamptons country club. But once they encounter the quirky, wealthy patrons at the club, they are thrust on an adventure of mistaken identity, love and finding friendship in the most unlikely of people.

  • Certification: NR
  • Release: 06/01/2023 (US)
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Seasons:
  • Duration: 1h 30m



Elaine Hendrix
Frances Kowalski

James Urbaniak
Victor Simmons

Alexis G. Zall
Elsa Cartwright (Teen Socialite)

Sean Ormond

Steve Higgins
Fart Noises

Fiona Robert
Tina Cartwright

Leah Pressman
Lucy Mellon

Madison Arnold
Winston Simmons

Margaret Ladd
Granny Lynn

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